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Some realtors believe they are in the business of selling houses. All of us on the Laura B Team have a slightly different perspective. We believe we are helping people to make one of the most important and significant decisions of their life, and we take seriously the responsibility of ensuring that each one of our clients feels confident, assured, and empowered when they make a decision about buying or selling a home. After all, for the vast majority of people, a house is the most significant financial investment they will ever make. But it is more than just a sum of money paid or received. It is a decision about how you will live, whom your neighbors will be, what kind of community you will inhabit, how you will raise and nurture your children. A house is a structure – but a home is a set of values about how you want to live, whether you are buying or selling. We on the Laura B Team know that making a decision as far-reaching as buying or selling a house isn’t easy – but it doesn’t have to be difficult, either. We have the expertise to walk you through the details, each step of the way. And when you reach the finish line, you’ll have the sense of triumph that comes from having made one of the best decisions of your life.

Laura Baliestiero

Vice President, SRES,Leader
Phone: 508-864-6011

Barry Dyment

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Abe Hantout

Phone: 617-953-0558
Phone: 617-622-5050

Will Cunningham

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