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Pricing the Home

The first and most important step in placing your home for sale is defining the correct current market price. Overpriced homes attract fewer potential buyers, they stay longer on the market and are usually subject to price reductions. The majority of showings occur in the first couple of weeks after being listed and therefore, it is crucial that the initial list price matches the marketcondition and buyers expectations. We at Skymax Realty, will analyze the current market values for similar properties in your area and arrive at a fairly accurate listing price. We usea Current Market Analysis(CMA) programand a proprietary analytical spreadsheet to build a comprehensive area report that will determine the optimal list price for your home.

Condition of the Home

Your professional Skymax agent will help you identify and prioritize repairs and improvements that may provide the best return on your investment. Your agent will also offer suggestions on how to declutter the home and on how to arrange some personal items for a better viewing impression. Furthermore, we will write a compelling description of your home in addition toproviding a professional who will photograph different areas of the home and post them in the MLS system and in the Internet, so potential buyers can view all the details through the various Real Estate sites, such as Zillow, Redfin, and all other major sites.

Marketing the Home

Most potential buyers or about 90%, start their home search on the Internet before committing to a buyer’s agent. A large majority, about 80%, utilize the professional services of a buyer’s agent. Therefore, it makes sense for us to reach out to all real estate agents in the area and to make them aware that there is a new property for sale that may meet the needs of their buyers.

Once the house is listed in the MLS, your Skymax Realty agent will contact all agents in the area of interest, notifying them of this new listing. In addition, we will contact any potential buyers in our database and will conduct a public open house as well as many private showings for all interested potential buyers.

Negotiating the Offer

After having implemented the marketing program and within a few days of posting the listing in the MLS, we should expect to receive one or more offers, depending on the market conditions in the area. When we receive the offer or offers, we will review them with you and if one of the offers meets all the terms to your satisfaction, then we will accept it. However, the offer may be short of our expectations and will require some negotiation in order to arrive at a mutually satisfying outcome.

We are skilled negotiators,having had many years of experience and can help you get the best possible price, as well as the best terms, including the possible removal ofsome contingencies, such as the home inspectionor even accelerate the closing date to your benefit. We will always focus on your top priorities and strive to keep them as our main goal.

Securing an attorney

After the offer has been accepted, it is time to secure the services of a real estate attorney who will represent your interests, will draft the Purchase & Sale (P&S) documents and will assist you in reviewing them. Real Estate attorneys work with varying flat fee rates.

The P&S will have all the terms and conditions agreed in the original offer in addition to any other standard legal paragraphs. In addition, the P&S may have a clause allowing the buyer to visit the house a specific number of times, prior to closing. Your attorney will also provide you with the final closing expenses, usually the day before closing.

Closing Date

The day of the closing or a day before, the buyers’ agent and the buyer will conduct a final walk through, in order to ascertain that no damage has occurred during the period leading to the closing or due to any damage that may occur during the moving out process.

Typically, the Closing Date is conducted at one of the attorneys office or at the appropriate Registry of Deeds office. Buyers, sellers and or their attorneys and respective agents will be present to sign all the necessary documents. However, due to COVID-19 protocols, the closing may be conducted virtually or only with a limited attendance. You attorney will instruct you on how to proceed with the closing transaction. After the official recording of the closing documents, the buyer will be given the keys to the house.

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