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Compare Services

Charges 1% Listing Commission for Full Service YES NO
Saves the seller thousands of dollars in commission fees YES NO
Provides an experienced, dedicated and expert professional agent YES MAYBE
Provides a team of experienced agents to back up your agent YES MAYBE
Provides you with a comprehensive Current Market Analysis YES YES
Provides free complete set of professional pictures and a video of the home YES MAYBE
Provides a complete professional floor plan of the house free of charge YES MAYBE
Provides a detailed and complete brochure of the house YES MAYBE
Emails hundreds of detailed flyers to buyers agents in the area YES MAYBE
Gives real time access to all listings in the MLS YES MAYBE
Publishes and showcases your home in all major Real Estate sites YES MAYBE
Your dedicated agent is present at all showings YES MAYBE
Your expert agent is present during the home inspection YES MAYBE
Your experienced agent negotiates any issues arising from the inspection YES MAYBE
Your agent and the experienced team give advice during the negotiations YES MAYBE
Your agent and the experienced team guide you during the buying process up to the closing YES MAYBE

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