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We strongly believe that honesty, integrity, and professionalism are the cornerstones to any successful venture in life and in business. Therefore, my partner and I started Skymax Realty with a shared vision and objective to save money for consumers who purchase or sell real property with our company’s assistance.

After spending many years in the Real Estate Industry and seeing it remain stagnant, and non-responsive, to the technological advances of the last decade, we concluded that the Industry was ready for a change, a radical change that would make it more attractive to buyers and sellers.

The industry is based on charging commission fees to the sellers in exchange for listing their homes in the MLS system. However, the overall commission rates have not changed since the 1950s, ignoring all the technical improvements that allow consumers to conduct their own search on the Internet, before even contacting a real estate agent. In other words, consumers are doing most of the preliminary work, yet the Brokers still charge the same rates of 5% -6% as in the 50s, which does not seem fair to the consumer.

Why charging such high fees?

Most commission fees go into office expenses, branding their company name, marketing the agent, mailing saturation, overhead expenses, splitting commissions with the office, executive and managerial salaries, etc. Yet, the service offered by these big brand companies is no different, and in some cases inferior, from other small or independent Brokers that do not charge high commissions.

Skymax Realty decided to approach the way real estate commissions are determined, in a way that benefits the consumer. Early on, when starting the company, we decided that 50% of the commission received from any real estate transaction would be shared with the buyers in the form of a cash rebate given to the consumer after the closing. That, and a flat 1% commission for listing their home with Skymax Realty are the cornerstones of our consumer discount offering.

Under the Skymax Realty model, buyers receive thousands of dollars for the purchase of their dream home and homeowners save thousands of dollars when selling their homes.

Along with our consumer facing focus, we share our extensive and professional real estate expertise to ensure that our clients have a smooth and pleasant real estate experience!

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