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Appreciate the special time you share with your loved one this Valentine’s Day by planning a romantic movie marathon! Get cozy, grab some snacks, and watch your favorite movies to make February 14 even more memorable. There are plenty of other ways you can express love, too. Here are ten ideas that don’t require anything fancy or over-the-top: bake sweet treats together, take a long walk in nature, create personalized gifts for each other, plan an indoor picnic with decorations & tasty food, or cuddle up on the couch at home and simply enjoy each others’ company.

  1. Plan a Movie Marathon 

There’s something perfect for every couple this Valentine’s Day! Unwind with your special someone and get ready for a night of romance by streaming the greatest romantic comedies ever made. Enjoy cuddling up on the couch while you watch all those classics that keep us laughing and loving! Need some inspiration? Be sure to check out our top-rated list:

  1. Listen to Music Together

Music is the soundtrack to life’s greatest moments. Why not take a page from La La Land and bring your special someone closer with smooth, romantic tunes? Light up the room in your finest attire, pour yourself a drink and let the music be an invitation for you both to turn into classic movie stars – at least for one night.

  1. Waffle Bar for Brunch

 Make brunch special by setting up your own delicious waffle bar. All you need is a yummy mix for the batter, a trusty iron to cook it with, and some tasty toppings – then let your creativity go wild! Enjoy a homemade variety of customized brunches as often as you like. 

  1. Bake something together

Taking time to work side-by-side in the kitchen can be a great bonding experience, and you get rewarded with something tasty. Baking up some sweet treats is always worth it!

  1. Breakfast in bed

Step away from the rush of your usual morning routine and treat the two of you to a cozy breakfast in bed for once. Take some extra time, sip on that coffee, and savor every bite – it’ll make all the difference!

  1. Scrapbook your relationship

Forget the digital albums! Capture your relationship in a tangible scrapbook overflowing with mementos and memories. P